Hi, I'm

Diana W Esteves.

I’m pursuing a certification in Computer Science Grades 8-12.

Computer Science Bell Schedule Fall 2022

NYOS Academic Calendar 2022 - 2023

Computer Science Lesson Plans
OOP: shape group methods

SWBAT call a group’s method with needed parameters to solve various coding challenges in Python SWBAT move a shape in a straight, vertical, and diagonal directions by modifying a given shape’s properties SWBAT animate a shape using the onStep function. SWBAT control animation speed via …

grouping shapes

SWBAT combine multiple Shapes into a group to follow Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in Python. SWBAT use inheritance by accessing the correct group vs child properties in Python. (Note: Lesson Plan File access is OPEN with UTMail)

nested and complex …

SWBAT effectively use and combine conditionals with and, or, and not in Python. SWBAT create nested conditionals to solve problems in Python. SWBAT program the onKeyHold function in Python to satisfy given requirements. (Note: Lesson Plan File access is OPEN with UTMail)

Teaching Philosophy

Section in progress.